Saturday, July 28, 2012

MTGO Library Bot 5.14 is out

The newest version of ML Bot, 5.14, supports the set M13 (Magic 2013). As usual, the new pricelist containing the M13 cards is available for free in the installer and/or during the update process.

For the first time, the new pricelist contains all the M13-related boosters and drafter packs, such as:

- Magic 2013 Draft Pack
- Magic 2013 Foil Set
- Magic 2013 Set
- Magic 2013 Sealed Event Pack
- Magic 2013 Release Event Pack
- Magic 2013 Intro Pack: Depths of Power
- Magic 2013 Intro Pack: Mob Rule
- Magic 2013 Intro Pack: Path to Victory
- Magic 2013 Intro Pack: Sole Domination
- Magic 2013 Intro Pack: Wild Rush


  1. WOW, that was really fast but...
    ...I wonder if someone is even really reading these comments

  2. it was not fast they usually get it, and should, on the first day they come out...

  3. Albert, on the bot UI (Collection tab) when you choose "standard sets" it doesn't count M13 as standard

  4. M13 is live and still no support for Planechase 2012 Edition?