Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Independence Day

For those in the United States, today is July 4th, Independence Day.  It is a day of hot dogs, barbeques, going to the beach, going to a baseball game, watching fireworks, and getting together with friends for a nice summer day.
Note the commonality of the things listed above, virtually nothing is done indoors.  Until WotC comes up with an app that allows trading, or a client where you can play MTGO on a smartphone, Magic Online will continue to be played indoors and online.

Oh great.  Another dead day where I won’t be making any money.

Not necessarily.  There are those who prefer indoor activities and will not be playing Diablo 3, KOTOR, or WoW.  Some may be unwilling or unable to go and risk skin cancer.  In any event, while the majority of people will be doing festive summer activities, it does not mean that MTGO will be offline as there will be more users on MTGO than on a normal Wednesday.

So, why not use this information to your advantage?  Change your advertising messages; and even offer a sale celebrating the birthday of the United States!

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