Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sneak Peek - read to get free booster pack!

Magic Online Sneak Peek is available now! Some of you may ask yourself what's the hell is that? Therefore, here is a very brief explenation. WotC is working on a new software client, that is going to replace MtGO V3. Beta tests have been already running for quite a long period of time. Thus, to encourage more people to test the new client, WotC is giving away free Avacyn Restored booster packs. You just need to launch your MtGO client and make sure you are in the "HOME" tab. There is a link where you can download Sneak Peek. Then log in to the new Magic Online Sneak Peek beta client and play in any Constructed or Limited (booster draft or sealed deck) tournament with at least 8 players. Afterwards, you will be asked to fullfill questionare and leave feedback. Avacyn Restored booster pack will appear in your collection by July 26. This is your chance to become involved and make sure your voice is heard as we, players, decide the future of Magic Online. The Sneak Peek ends on July 25.

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