Sunday, July 29, 2012

Magic Online New Account Starter Kit - changes

With a release of every new edition WotC updates the content of the Magic Online New Account Starter Kit. It has been slightly modified from the previous well-known one. Let's take a look and remind you all what is inside.

After you have opened the “Starter Pack” you will have several items in your binder.
A Magic2013 booster pack: here is my advice not to open this booster, because it's the most valuable item in the Starter. You may resell it on the classifieds for 3-4 Event Tickets. You may be lucky and open card worth 20 tix, but generally opening boosters in longterm wouldn't pay off.

In Starter Pack you find five Vanguard Avatars as well. Avatars have two main functions in MtGO. They allow you to play a special format called “Vanguard.” In this format (meaning a specific way to play game based on various criteria), one of the Avatars represents you in game, modifying your starting life total and hand size, as well as adding special abilities that you may use.

Third item is the Planeswalker Deck Pack containing hundreds of gold-bordered cards that you can use to build your first decks and play them against other beginners in the New Players Room. The cards cannot be traded, and they cannot be removed from your account after they have been opened so my advice is not to open it, unless you want to have a mess in your account. Additionally, you get 2 Event Tickets. By the July 25, all Magic Online New Account Starter Kits looked like that, but from the 25 July it aslo includes 4 New Player Tickets. These special, untradeable tickets will let new players enter the special tournament queues.

These days, WotC pampers us with all bonuses around.

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