Sunday, July 15, 2012

How to draft Magic 2013?

The Magic 2013 Core Set features 249 cards. Prerelease is starting July 26 and Magic 2013 will be on sale in the Magic Online store on July 30. New sets bring on new cards and new loves. This injection of awesome into our Magic lives keeps us going until the next dose of new arrives. We have to get our Magic fix, and M13 is no different. With another set comes another cavalcade of cards. I have prepared  list of commons and uncommons worth drafting. Here we go:
  • White: Attended Knight, Griffin Protector, Pacifism, Healer of the Pride, Knight of Glory, Oblivion Ring, Prized Elephant, Serra Angel, War Priest of Thrune.
  • Blue: Faerie Invaders, Encrust, Wielkin Tern, Wind Drake, Artic Aven, Sleep, Talrand's Invocation.
  • Black: Murder, Liliana's Shade, Bloodhunter Bat, Sign in Blood, Cover in Fear, Harbor Bandit, Knight of Infamy, Public Execution, Vampire Nighthawk.
  • Red: Searing Spear, Rummgaging Goblin, Turn to Slag, Arm Dealer, Cleaver Riot, Crismon Muckwader, Flames of the Firebrand, Furnace Whelp, Volcanic Geyser.
  • Green: Prey Upon, Sentinel Spider, Yeva's Forcemage, Primal Huntbeast, Acidic Slime, Flinthoof Boar, Garruk's Packleader, Rancor, Roaring Primadox.

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