Sunday, July 1, 2012


Invasion was released in September 2000. Twelve years passed, but we still can enjoy drafting IPA thanks to 10th MtGO anniversary. If you have ever drafted either Shards of Alara or Ravnica, you know that multi-color blocks can be difficult. You end up with a lot of cards in different, usually 3-4 colors. Next step is to build a mana base, which might be not easy task, especially there are not very much fixing in Invasion. As a result, the drafts are a complicated balance of picking powerful cards, without stretching your mana too much.

Do you remember times when Pernicious Deed or Orim's Chant was about 100 Event Tickets? By now there have been plenty of IPA drafts and price of cards gradually dropped. These days IPA draft set costs only 13 Event Tickets to comparizon with 30 Event Tickets few years ago. For players that don’t play in a lot of eternal formats, it may be difficult figuring out what the best money cards are. I have heard several stories of people being passed these cards during IPA drafts, which is just silly. It’s like handing a two twenty dollar bills to the person on your right. One of the problems is that there are few stores on MTGO that advertise the prices for these cards in the classifieds. If you see an Orim’s Chant, and look it up in the classifieds, you probably won’t even see an ad, and you certainly won’t pick it because it is terrible in limited. Additionally, IPA has a lot of commons that see a lot of play in Pauper, such as Ancient Spring, Crimson Acolyte, Exclude. IPA commons are worth definately much more than normal commons.
Some of them are even worth a few tix, which is a really good price as for a common.

The moral of the story is to check the value of unknown to you cards from drafted edition :)

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