Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Control Panel v4 - Buy/Sell Consistency - Bot Manual

Buy/sell consistency is a great way to prevent unforeseen price fluctuations. This feature allows you to maintain a certain amount of profit on your cards for x amount of days.  

How it works: 
Buy/sell consistency ensures you make only profitable trades. Your bots won't sell a card cheaper than the price they paid to purchase it. Your bots won't buy a card paying more than the price they sold it.

In this example: 

Selling consistency turned on: Your bot sells a card at 6 tickets for the first 21 days if the actual price goes below 6 tickets then your bot will maintain a 6 Ticket sell price until 21 days are over or the market goes above 6 tickets.

Buying consistency turned on: Your bot buys a card for 6 tickets it will maintain a 6 ticket buy price for 21 days then if the price went to 7 tickets on the 22nd day your buy price would increase to 6.50. 

Real scenario:

Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver in a 3 month period had 2 major spikes

On September 6 2014 Buy price spiked to 9.86 then dropped 8.20 sell price on September 10 2014 with out buy protection You would have bought them at the highest price and lost 1.66 per card purchased. 

Then on October 8 2014 the price jumped from 8.18 buy price to an 11.14 buy price on Oct. 11th, then on Oct. 14th the sell price dropped to 7.825 with out buyer consistency you would have lost  3.31 per card purchased during that spike. 

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