Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Decks of the Pauper Gauntlet S03

A lot of decks are ready to start running the Pauper Gauntlet (Season 3) today. Today I will tell you about a competition between the spectators (that is: YOU GUYS) and present the list of decks for this season.

What is the Pauper Gauntlet?

The Pauper Gauntlet is a race between decks, trying to survive the longest against random opponents.

For full details read this:

How can you win a prize watching the Pauper Gauntlet?

Well, to make things interesting you all get to choose a deck to champion. That means that you are the person rooting for that deck. Only one person can be the champion of a deck and the first one to claim a deck gets it. You can only claim one deck per person (no multiple accounts please) and you claim the deck by writing something like this in the comments to this blog post: "I claim Pink Pants. My name is Sam and my MTGO username is VaultBoyHunter".

For you to become champion you have to state some sort of name, have a gmail account and give me your MTGO username so I am sure I give the prize to the right person.

What is the price? The price is 1oo bot credits on the mtgotickets bot chain. Please visit our sponsor Mtgotickets, new customers receive 10 tickets for $8. Click on this link to check out mtgotickets

If you want to sponsor the Gauntlet and add to this prize, contact me. 

The decks of the Pauper Gauntlet S03

Full deck lists and information about the deck is available if you click the links. 

There are 78 decks in the third season, making it the biggest Pauper Gauntlet ever!

This season I did not limit entry strictly by color so certain color combinations are overrepresented. This is mainly due to the decks being innovative even though sharing colors with other decks. If you feel that this should be more stricly limited next season, please let me know in the comments below.

All deck names are decided by the brewers in almost all cases.

If you are scared by the sheer number of decks, remember two things; First, the Gauntlet will eliminate a lot of decks if they are bad at an early state (round 3-4 probably) and second, I can handle it. I am ready to play a giganormous amount of Pauper matches. If you feel you can't stand to watch the bulk of the matches, just tune in for round 5 and onwards.

Also make sure you subscribe to (MagicGatheringStrat2) as that is the channel that will have the bulk of the Pauper Gauntlet videos. Also the twitter account @MagicGathStrat will tweet whenever a video goes up on MagicGatheringStrat or MagicGatheringStrat2

If you find any deck missing, any link that does not work or any other problem, please let me know in the comments below. 

The decks that made Top 10 last year (10)

Some of these have slightly different lists, are captained by other people than the original brewer and one of them is even an orphan but they are the top 10 decks from Season Two of the Pauper Gauntlet

Affinity: Captained by MagicMonkey.
Bugs & Pigs: By Galactic President.
Burn: Captained By Galactic President.
Exhume Control: Originally by ShaffaWaffa5. Captained by rrmedio1.
Familiars: Orphan. Hated by everyone.
Goblins: Captained by jphsnake.
Green One: By Deluxeicoff.
Mono Red Heroic: By jphsnake.
Rebel Grind. By Aught3.
Stompy: Captained by Carnuz.

Random fact: Stompy and Goblins are the onlys deck that managed to get a top 10 finish both in S01 and S02. Stompy also won S02. It is probably the favorite this year.

The decks from the Pauper Rogue Cup (5)
This was a live qualificaition tournament run in Spain for rogue decks. More info here:

Black Auramancer. By Santi Postigo.
Pestilence Control: By Felix Iorente.
Izzet Cooldotha: By Hashnak.
Red Land Destruction: By Juan Fernandez.
Rakdos Vampires: By Domingo Moreno.

Mono Black Decks (5)
Mono Black Land Destruction by Mario.
Death Control by Etiens:
Encroaching Blight by Paup Dacon:
Mono Black Control by Mario:
Suicide Black by Etiens: 

Mono Blue Decks (4)
Blue Bichinho by Nicholas Sudyka:
Delver by VaultBoyHunter:
Illusory Tricks by Bava:
MUC by Mario:

Mono Green Decks (5)
Elves by punninglinguist:
Green Grifters by Michael Gray:
Green Ramp LD by patou454:
Infect by NewHJ:
Stompy Tokens

Mono Red Decks (1)
Glass Cannon Red:
There are four other mono red decks already: Burn, Mono Red Heroic, Goblins, Red Land Destruction (see above)

Mono White Decks (4)
Cyborgs by jphsnake:
The Pauper Gauntlet by jphsnake:
White Heroes by PaternaMagicTeam:
WW Soul Tokens by Bava:

Azorius (UW) decks (2)
Counter-Kitty by Power_T:
Rhystic Tron by Obzen:

Boros (RW) decks (1)
BorosKitty initiated by Galactic President:

Dimir (BU) decks (4)
Flying Ninjas by Michael Gray:
Turbo Angler by VaultBoyHunter:
UB Justice Control by Ali Randali:
UB Trinket Control:

Golgari (BG) decks (4)
Project X:
Tortured Madness by Patrick Carr:
Tortured Toolbox by VaultBoyHunter: 
Aristocrats by Paul Jones:

Gruul (GR) decks (2)
RG Land Crusher by WoRMaSTeR:
RG Landfall by jphsnake:

Izzet (RU) decks (3)
DelverFiend by VaultBoyHunter:
Eggs by PaternaMagicTeam:
Goblin Storm Combo by Ryan:

Orzhov (BW) decks (1)
Spiteful Leeches by Bava:

Rakdos (BR) decks (2)
Gary Busey by Power_T:
Pauper Nightmare by MagicMonkey:

Selesnya (GW) decks (2)
Selesnya Flash by Matt Priour:
Slivers by Brennon:

Simic (GU) decks (4)
Love Train by jphsnake:
Simic Oracle by Michael Gray:
Shroudfang Ninja by rrmedio1:
UG Madness by Etiens:

Abzan (BGW) decks (2)
Abzan Grindhouse by Citynoise:
Cheaty Morph by Nate Spires:

Bant (GUW) decks (2)
Bant Sword and Shield by Paul Jones:
Bant Fog by pierakor:

Jund (BGR) decks (2)
Crocajund by keixoun:
Living End by Mr Small:

Mardu decks (1)
Kuldotha Mardu by MadTricks:

Sultai (BGU) decks (5)
BUG Profilerators by Michael Gray:
Evil Allies by jphsnake:
Land-o-derm by rrmedio1:
Pig Trinket by Power_T:
Sultai Delve by Keixoun:

Temur (GRU) decks (1)
RUG Tron by VaultBoyHunter:

Decks of many colors (6)
1-land Spy: 
5-color Green:
Dragon Delve by NewHJ:
Snow-Go by Obzen:
TurboKitty Zoo:
Turbo Exhume by Tobias:

What happens now?
Pick your deck to champion and lean back and enjoy the ride here and on the MagicGatheringStrat and MagicGatheringStrat2 YouTube channels. This is going to take a while. First, two rounds of double elimination against easier opposition. This means that only decks that lose both the match in round 1 and round 2 are eliminated before round 3 (last year only 3 decks were eliminated). The two rounds of double elimination will hopefully give me time to learn the more complicated decks I have not played before. 

Please visit our sponsor Mtgotickets, new customers receive 10 tickets for $8. Click on this link to check out mtgotickets


  1. Hi! My name is Thomas Andersson. You may know me as Power-T. I would like to claim Pig Trinket for the Pauper Gauntlet.

  2. The first match will go up on MagicGatheringStrat in 6 hours (The Green One). The second will be published on MagicGatheringStrat2 in 10 hours (Black Auramancer). I do not yet know how long round one will take but I estimate 2-4 weeks.

  3. Do not forget to subscribe to the MagicGatheringStrat2 channel as most of the round one videos will be published on that channel. Here:

  4. My name is Chris, and my MTGO name is Reversed. I would like to claim Delver for the Pauper gauntlet.

    (By the way, sweet list, Sam. This is very close to the one I play with. I like it a lot more than the one from last year's gauntlet.)

  5. Hi! I'm Dani, but you may know me as PauperMage. I would like to claim Black Auramancer for the Pauper Gauntlet. There are many great decks and brewers around (so thrilled!), but for obvious reasons I need to captain the winner list of our Rogue Cup. Eventually, I would try to improve the sideboard plan of the deck in my spare time, is that possible?

    Thank you so much for all your passion and efforts on promoting the format. Let's start the show! :)

    1. Hi, PauperMage! You have Black Auramancer and the first match is tonight on MagicGatheringStrat2

    2. As long as you do not change the cards in the deck, you can always update the deck page, revise the SB plan, add mulligan instructions or any play tips. That goes for all the brewers and all the decks. But the 60+15 cards stay the same from this moment on. No deck edits during the Gauntlet unless there is a banning (which happened in season one)

    3. Sure thing, no card changes at all. Thanks!

  6. Hi, Dan, I'm Hamilton (NewHJ on MTGO)! I claim Bugs & Pigs.

  7. I claim Abzan Grindhouse. My name is Frank and my MTGO username is citynoise.

  8. Replies
    1. NewHJ, you have Bugs & Pigs
      Citynoise, you have Abzan Grindhouse
      Jack, you have Goblins

      A little extra credit to the brave brewers who champion their own decks! It shows you believe!

    2. My name is Paup Travis Dacon II, username Malifikus on MTGO, and I accept your challange. I choose you Encroaching Blight!!?

  9. Hey, Carnuz here! I'd like to champion Stompy!

  10. Wow, Carnuz, you are going to hate me when I misplay Stompy out of the Gauntlet with you both as captain and champion :) But you have Stompy.

    Malifikus, you have Encroaching Blight

    1. You did an amazing job piloting this deck in in round one, sorry for posting this here but I am on a mobile device and for some reason I am unable to post comments on Youtube. Regardless of whether or not it makes it past even round three, I am content just seeing it get played on your channel. Thank you for all the hard work you do to keep the Gauntlet going.

  11. I'd like to captain my own brew, Green Ramp LD. My name is Pat, IGN patou454.

    1. You are now the champion of Green Ramp LD, Pat

  12. My name is Txema Garcia, and my MTGO name is Txema_PMT. I would like to claim White Heroes for the Pauper gauntlet.

    1. Txema, you have White Heroes. There seems to be a trend this year that the brewers pick their own lists. It did not happen to this extent in earlier Gauntlets. Lots of tier 1 decks remain untaken still! Interesting! As I said above, I do respect a brewer who believes in his deck. Make sure I have mulligan instructions and play tips as well as an extensive sideboard plan.

  13. Whoops. Someone already submitted a green ramp LD deck and a BorosKitty deck. Good thing I didn't try hard to get in this year :P

  14. I claim Familars. My name is Mario and my MTGO username is Negator.

    1. I hope I can relearn the Coffee model quickly. I haven't touched that deck since its top 10 performance last year. I am not looking forward to playing it. It also did not get a captain so its playing the old list. Despite that, it is definitely one of the favorites. Negator, you have Familiars

  15. I'll captain my RG Land Crusher. My name is Tommi and MTGO username is WoRMaSTeR.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Did you see the earlier video I did with the deck? I would think not :) Anyway, Nicholas, you have Blue Bichino

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. I have no doubt I will get such an excellent deck to round 3 and then we will go from there :)

    4. What is causing your cheek to puff out like that? Could it be your tongue pressing against it? If I'm being bothersome, just tell me and I'll gladly quit.

  17. To keep things fair I will pick my own brew. Tortured Toolbox I choose you.

  18. Hi, my name is Zygrunt, the Space Lobster, but you know me as rremedio1. I'd like to champion Kudoltha Mardu since this deck impressed me in a positive way when I played against it.

    1. Sam, you have Tortured Toolbox.
      Roberto, you have Kudoltha Mardu.

      If I can play the Kuldotha Mardu deck properly I think it is one of the favorites to win. The deck has impressed me too. It looks super solid

  19. I would like to champion "Suicide is Painless". I hope the other deck I have in the Gauntlet doesn't get too jealous...

    1. I will try to comfort it :) Paul Jones, you have Suicide is Painless

  20. Hi there, I'm Cristian (Theblackgauntlet on MTGO) and I would like to claim Cyborg due to familiar reasons.

  21. Hi, I am Daniel Robson (MrSmall on mtgo) and I would like to Champion my own deck, pauper living end!

    1. MrSmall, you are now the champion of Living End

  22. howdy dan!

    denofbears here, i love to root for the bad guy so i think i'll take familiars this time around :D

  23. just noticed someone already claimed familiars, in that case i'll take obzen's snow-go list.

    1. You have a decent track record of picking the winner here, so now I have high hopes for Snow-Go! You have Snow-Go, denofbears

  24. The Death control list isn't the same you're using in the videos. Do you have a link to the list you're using/SB guide?

    1. It is the same as above: What makes you think it is not the same list?

    2. I created the deck from the web site (having never played it before) so it should be correct unless the brewer changed the deck list on the site. There can be errors like this with some old decks that I had before the Gauntlet but Death Control is not one of them

  25. Hi, my name is Cody and I am RareShigure on MTGO. I would like to champion RUG tron.

  26. GreatAshGobin claims Stompy Tokens

    1. Hi, my mtgo name is maigray and I'd like to pick Shroudfang Ninja.

    2. Michael, you have Shroundfang Ninja

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. I'd like to claim Counter-Kitty if it's still available, MTGO username: baturkey

  29. Hi, my name is Cory. MTGO username is fortybelowfalse. I'd like to choose Rhystic Tron!

    1. The deck is definitely good enough to win but with me as pilot? You are indeed brave. fortybelowfalse, you have Rhystic Tron

  30. I don't see anyone taking infect, so I'd like to claim it. My name is Brent and my MTGO name is bdavis555

    1. Feels bad to be eliminated on a play error. Oh well such is life.

  31. Hi. My name is Matt and I would like to claim Green One. My MTGO handle is markovian

  32. The link for the list for snow go is gone can I have a copy of it?

    1. Here you go!

  33. I will claim WW soul tokens! MTGO username: Tazerdadog.

  34. markovian, you have The Green One
    Tazerdadog, you have WW soul Tokens

    The brewers control the deck pages, J, so I have no influence over that. I suggest looking up obzen on mtgo and ask him

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. No unknown accounts please. That seems abusable

  36. I would like to champion Mono Black Control! MTGO username: woohoo88

  37. Claiming Goblin Storm Combo MTGO username:Pruven

  38. I would like to champion Mono Red Heroic! MTGO username: obijam

  39. woohoo88, you have MBC
    Pruven, you have Goblin Storm
    obijam, you have Mono Red Heroic

  40. Soldier Tribal

  41. Bant Sword and Shield please? :)


  42. Hi Dan. My name is Amnar and my MTGO name is Amnaremotoas. I would like to pick UG Madness to win the pauper gauntlet.

  43. I would like to pick Affinity to win. - username: pedrooska

  44. One deck is still not picked and still alive.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  45. I would like to claim Spiteful Leeches

    1. MTGO username is PauperRBust btw.

    2. PauperRBust, you have Spiteful Leeches. I must say I admire your late picking skills :) Well done!


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  47. Hey, Dan. Will the Pauper Gauntlet season 4 be happening? If so, where do we submit deck lists?


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