Sunday, February 7, 2016

Did WOTC plan for Eldrazi to be good this pro tour?

Hi Everyone!

If you're like me, you watched every match of the Pro Tour and skipped all the non-game play sections of the video. I did watch everything on Friday. I was at my office and had it playing. I got things done between games and matches.

The thing I noticed first was that LSV was the feature match and he was playing Eldrazi. Now, here's something that's suspicious. He wasn't the only one playing Eldrazi. It was a semi-popular deck and had a respectable percentage of the field.

Six of the top 8 slots went to similar Eldrazi decks. Yeah, six of eight. Call me a skeptic but I think it's really suspicious that Wizards says they aren't doing a Modern Pro Tour and players throw a fit so they give us a Modern Pro Tour. Then, the ban the one consistent turn four combo deck that can go from nothing but 3 lands on turn 3 and win on turn 4 (Banning Twin was a step in the right direction for Modern, IMHO).

But come on, you're telling me that they "accidentally" made the cards from the new set so powerful that they dominate in Modern? Not just win, dominate. It's too suspicious. Even LSV said on stream that Pro Tours are to show off new cards and Standard was the best way for that. But this one time, they happen to have a Modern Pro Tour and the cards in the one small set (and some from the previous set) happen to make a crazy dominant deck?

Let's just say, I see what they did there.

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