Wednesday, February 10, 2016

This season of the Pauper Gauntlet is a smashing success

Just wanted to take this opportunity to thank all the viewers and readers that care about the Pauper Gauntlet S03. The response has been enormous compared to earlier seasons. It seems that it has almost doubled in size since season two. Thank you so much!

The voteback is still ongoing, ending tomorrow. Vote here:

What is the Pauper Gauntlet?
All about the Pauper Gauntlet Season 03: the deck lists:
What will happen after the voteback?

78 decks entered the Gauntlet. 32+3 decks remain. Round five is single elimination in the Tournament Practice Room. Expect the bloodbath to continue. My estimate is that another 10ish decks will fall in round five. 

Round five looks like a two-week round and that will probably be the case for round six as well. Then we will move into weekly rounds for the duration of the Gauntlet. 

Hint: There are still a lot decks that are still alive that have not been picked in the competition. Check out the deck article above.

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  1. Can I pick another deck if my original pick was eliminated in previous round?