Monday, February 8, 2016

Red Blue vs Colorless Eldrazi

Eldrazi MimicHi Everyone!
We all know there were two flavors of Eldrazi in the top 8 of Pro Tour Oath of the Gatewatch. There was a (I'm calling it at least) Black and a Red/Blue Version.

The Black version piloted by LSV did have more removal than the RU version. It also relied on only colorless (in mana cost) Eldrazi to win the game.

The RU version only had Dismember as removal and opted for Ruination Guide to act as an Eldrazi lord and Drowner of Hope to make sure lethal damage gets through.

They both run a core of Endless One, and Eldrazi Mimic and the like but it seems that the RU version triumphs in the "mirror" but the capability of the pure colorless version is greater when it does it's thing against non-eldrazi decks. That may not be true. The RU version looks less broken, but based on the PT results, it looks more broken than the other version.

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