Sunday, February 21, 2016

Eternal Masters

A few weeks ago, the Reddit started buzzing about a rumored new set called Eternal Masters. It started when someone 'predicted' Splinter Twin and Amulet of Vigor being banned. He was not accurate about Amulet of Vigor, but ban of Summer Bloom killed this deck, at least it is not tier1 anymore. Then, the same person mentioned about Eternal Masters. The rumour came true and this set indeed will see the light of day. And what is interesting, he heard also which cards will appear in Eternal Masters: fetchlands from Zendikar, Rishadan Port, Stoneforge Mystic, Infernal Tutor, Sneak Attack and/or Show and Tell, Mother of Runes, Lotus Petal, Cabal Ritual and Wishes from Judgement. I thought you should know about it too.

In my opinion, we might trust this person. You may have some luck and quess what would be banned, in spite of it was extremely difficult in case of latest bannings. However, predicting bans and Eternal Masters in the same time is like a winning on lottery. Concluding, it was not about luck, but being informed before. The sad part of this story is that there is no equal access to information for everyone. Allegedly, StarCityGames have not been buying Legacy staples for a while. Hm let's quess why..

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