Sunday, February 14, 2016

Legacy Challenge and Leagues

A new, monthly bigger event Legacy Challenge ahead. It starts on March 12 and likewise Power Nine Challenge the prizes are tempting. Everyone in the Top 8 will get one of each of the ten dual lands and:

1st place: 250 Play Points, Rishadan Port, Infernal Tutor, Food Chain, Dark Depths, Batterskull1, Unmask, Cunning Wish, Chrome Mox, Duel Decks Anthology, Daze
2nd place: 250 Play Points, Wasteland, Show and Tell, Sneak Attack, Submerge, Maze of Ith, True-Name Nemesis, Containment Priest, Intuition
3rd place: 250 Play Points, Premium Deck Series: Graveborn, Cabal Therapy, Grim Monolith, Jace, the Mind Sculptor, Entreat the Angels, Orim's Chant, Lion's Eye Diamond, Counterbalance, Mox Diamond, Stoneforge Mystic, Stifle, Shardless Agent
4th-8th: 250 Play Points

Additionally Legacy Leagues start on February 17. The prices of Legacy format staples started to gain on value and this state will last for at least few weeks.

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