Friday, May 24, 2013

BestDeal Clan

In 20 months of running the BestDeal Clan we have now won a total of over 200.000 packs in MTGO Events. This is a big achievement which reward us the 4th place on top5 Clans. We are currently aiming to reach the third place within 2 months and second place within 6 months.

How did you get there? Aren't clans useless in MTGO?
The MTGO Client itself does not offer many "clan features" apart from a channel where we can all chat. In the recent days, a new member of the clan has been helping me improve the community feeling of the clan; we have now a ventrilo and soon will have a more complete website (with forums, videos, streams, etc) rather than just the BestDeal's store.
In terms of business we offer a few "services" to clan members. We will match any better offer from other bot (higher buying price or lower selling price), so our members don't require to spread credits all over the competition, we offer clan discounts on the BestDeal's store and plenty of advice to new drafters on how to maximize profits or minimize losses while playing competitively.

A considerate portion of my bots Customers are clan members and that's one of the many reasons for my success. Do you have any of yours to share?


  1. Great information, Carlos! Just out of curiosity, what is the clans website?

    I'm looking to form a casual clan for non-competitive games like myself that just enjoy a friendly game with similar minded well as grow my business. Any suggestions on getting started?


  2. atm is
    is just a slighty edited Open Cart website.

  3. Thanks, Carlos. Please let me know when you guys have clan website up as I'd love to see it. The card buying site is nice, hopefully someday I'll be there :)