Saturday, May 11, 2013

Botting 101 - Lite (Part 1 of 2)

Last time I gave a homework assignment to those readers who are pondering whether or not to start botting; asking why do you wish to run a bot.  Being brutally honest is required in order for this exercise to be effective.  Let’s look at some possible answers:

  • I like to play MTGO but I can not afford the weekly draft.
  • I prefer playing constructed or do not like playing limited and do not want to pay retail prices for cards.
  • I want to get into botting but have limited computer resources.
  • I draft a lot and spend too much time dumping cards onto bots.
  • I want to test-drive the bot to see what is really required to get into botting.
I would recommend looking at a LITE bot for those who fit these profiles.  You can get away with using your primary computer running ML Bot while you are sleeping and otherwise not using your computer. 

One main advantage about doing this is if your computer meets the requirements for the bot, you should have few problems getting it up and running.  The only concern would be the screen resolution, which would typically mean ML Bot would not be able to run on a laptop.

Another major tip would be to turn off all other programs.  Exit Skype, torrents, browsers, email programs, instant messaging programs.  Basically, anything which is left running and can pop up a window can interfere with the bot.  Turning off all unnecessary programs will improve the bot’s performance.  I’ll give some more tips next time.


  1. If u use wm workstation resolution isnt problem,u can make higher resolution on your virtual machine than is maximum for your laptop.

  2. True! And this will also allow to run the bot while doing something else on the laptop / desktop

  3. If you have enough ressources (Ram, CPU...)