Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Magic Online v3 will be down May 8th - May 10th

As you probably already know, Magic Online v3 will be down May 8th - May 10th for the so called "V4 spotlight".
Magic Online v4 will be live on July and mtgolibrary.com will not miss the chance to be the first bot there!

During the spotlight we will have some bots running, thanks to our beta testers. I expect many bugs to be fixed on the fly and a generalized slow behavior.... after all Magic Online v4 IS slow and every action there is problematic.
Anyhow, we managed to build a bot for V4 and all the team here is pretty excited about that!

Finger crossed for tomorrow!



  1. There are already several random bot chains on V4.0, and also the spotlight got cancelled.

  2. The chains you see there, are running on v3. You see them online on v4 because the server is the same

    1. No, they are on V4, you can tell because when they accept trade there is no "blank accepted trade" message to be seen.

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