Sunday, May 26, 2013

Time management, part 3

4. Every time you do some time-wasting thing, do five squats. Yes, this is not a joke. Checking the e-mail box for the 8th time? 5 squats. Aimless chcecking facebook? 5 squats. The benefits of this rather controversial method are twofold. Firstly, you will realize how often you do it. Your increased awareness of the habitual breaks in the work will greatly help you to give up the bad habits. You'll be surprised how much time you waste everyday. Secondly, the physical movement provides your body faster circulation what means more oxygen pumped into your brain, resulting in higher motivation and better concentration during further work.

5. Get a stopwatch and use it throughout the day. Specify how long you want to spend on every task. Turn the timer on and stick to the plan. Listing the time of each task on a regular basis, just before the activity. Take into consideration the activities associated with the waste of time. Think how much time you are planning to spend browsing the funny pictures on the internet and then start the timer. This hint will teach you to control the current passing time in the course of the work. It is the final brick for your expert time management skills.

Do not take up all these challenges at once, otherwise your inner critic will call you insane. I suggest here the philosophy of small steps and careful observation of your reactions and behavior. These experiences will teach you a lot, so carry a piece of paper - important discoveries like to be saved.

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