Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Postponed Spotlight

 Hello fellow botters,

The spotlight has been cancelled! I am very surprised, they upset so many people with the spotlight then they postpone it? hum... I am not going to get into that, but if you would like to read details on the spotlight cancellation you can, click here.

I am really writing this blog to thank all of our Mv4 bot beta testers, Yes we were all ready and then they.... Cancelled. The good news is we got a ton of great feedback and suggestions from everyone involved and that is more important.

So thank you everyone and I hope everyone is getting ready for a very profitable month with the release of Dragon Maze tomorrow.



  1. Thanks to all of you guys! The tight feedback we had during these days helped me a lot

    1. welcome! (not that i contributed that much last few days heehee)