Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Mtgo Library Going Social.

Hello fellow botters,

Mtgo Library has gone social!
There has been much hesitation on this matter but we finally saw more pluses then minuses. We feel that all us botters are like a family helping one another down the road to success, so we decided to use Facebook as one of our community's side by side with our Blog to share these ideas.

If you like or subscibe to our page:

  • You can be entered in to current and future contest/promotions we may be having
  • Discuss strategies with other botters
  • Leave suggestions or recommendations in regards to ML Bot
  • Receive peer to peer help with issues you maybe be having
  • more!
We will be holding our first contest/promotion starting 5/1 and ending 7/1. We will need all everyone's help in the community on this one. We have set a goal of reaching 1000 likes on our new Facebook page by 7/1, if we complete this goal then 5 lucky people who liked our page will receive 2 month pro license for one of their bots ($130 value).

Please everyone like our page and invite your friends, it could be you that wins the free 2 months. Our page can be found here:

Keep in mind the page is new, help us build it.

Happy Botting! 


  1. give us a forum already! :)
    I disabled my facebook account.

  2. We'll soon have a forum :-) Right after July, as soon as we have some "spare" time, we'll launch it. For now, feel free to use the Facebook page to post something good about mtgolibrary :-) :-) :-)

  3. I am not a facebook member (i hate that data crawler).

  4. i hate that Facebook for as much as i set my stuff for "friends only" as soon as a friend comments or likes my stuff, suddenly all the friends of that friend can see it too.

    Oh and don't get me started on the Spam of invitations, kittens, "like this go win a iphone" etc etc etc.

    As much as i appreciate that MTGOLibrary is on FB (and i logged in to give a like) I think Facebook is already dying anyway.

    1. Thank you, I agree with getting a forum, all in due time. The spam invitations are really annoying.

  5. i can also help if u need moderators, as i check this blog multiple times a day, id keep an eye on the forums as well.

  6. I'd be happy to build and host a forum if I can get someone to help me with moderation. Even if it's only temporary until ML gets a proper one started. I'm sure Albert and team have their hands full with the new version coming out. If anyone is interested let me know and let's make it happen :)

    1. I'd be willing to help out with moderation if you get a forum up and running.

    2. Great! I'll try to get something up over the next few days. It would be nice to have something ready by the time of the Dragon's Maze full release. If anyone else is interested just let me know.