Sunday, November 10, 2013

10 ways how to deal with stress, part 1

Today I will show you how to effectively remove all the stress from your life. Whether you are stressed out on a daily basis or only in specific situations - you can make stress disappear once and for all. This article will teach you how to be calm and relaxed , even in the most stressful situations.

First, let's make an interesting test to check the level of stress in your life. Photo, which is linked below were used in the study to measure stress. Do not open it until you have read this description. The photo shows two identical dolphins. Scientific studies have shown that although dolphins are completely identical, a person who is often stressed finds differences between them. The more differences you find, the more stressful your life is. Now, click here, take a look at this picture and if you see one or two differences, it means that it is high time to work on your stress.

And how did it go? I bet you smiled :) If so, this image has fulfilled its role. And this is rule number, keep on smiling. Laughter frees the body from stress, relaxes the whole body. No one can honestly laugh and at the same time feel the stress. Even a fake smile causes the release of hormones responsible for good mood. So laugh as often as possible!

Next step is to identify stressors and eliminate them. Think a while what stresses you the most during the day. Write down everything that you can think of. Now, looking at each stressor individually, think about whether you can eliminate it. If possible, remove it from your life immediately. Think about it, how can you prevent some situations. I decided to leave  the house early enough to always safely make it to the meeting.

More soon!

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