Sunday, November 17, 2013

10 ways how to deal with stress, part 2

If you do still have some points on your list from rule two and you can not get rid of them - change your attitude. First of all, take responsibility for your stress. These things don't make you stressed, but you are stressed about them. It makes a huge difference. When you are feeling stressed, it means that you let the fact that you are upset about something. You are entirely responsible for this. For instance, when you are standing in that traffic jam it is pointless to be mad on something that you have no influence at all. Keep calm and take responsibility for your emotional state. Next time choose another route.

Meditation and relaxation exercises are by far the best way to do that in the long term, reduce the level of stress in your life to a minimum. There is even scientific evidence that regular meditation or relaxation exercises after a while significantly are reducing the average level of cortisol (a stress hormone) in the body. These exercises are also beneficial for other areas, such as memory and concentration.

Get rid of negative thoughts. Human being is very often stressed, even if it does not find itself in typical stressful situation. It happens because you are egging yourself on. We have the same gloomy thoughts. Your thoughts are closely linked to your physiology and when you think about stressful things, your body is stressed . The muscles begin to stretch, forehead to wrinkle, cortisol is unchained. By changing the thinking strategies you can get rid of these negative thoughts and turn them into positive ones. How?

Apply slayer of worries. This is the method described by Brian Tracy in one of his books. Again, you must write down the situation that stresses you the most. Then your job is to determine the worst possible result, worst case scenario of this situation. The third step is to accept the worst scenario. Decide that if it happens, you will accept it. This acceptance is the most important step! The last thing you need to do is to take immediate action, so that you may avoid the worst case scenario. Think about what exactly you can do to minimize the damage and do it.

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