Thursday, November 7, 2013

MTGO Library Bot 6.14

ML Bot 6.14 has been released. This is a release containing bug fixes and one important improvement.

Above all, ML Bot 6.14 fixes a crash happening at the of the trades (rarely happening, still happening...). 6.14 fixes also a timeout problem happening in the Autotransfer modes.

The improvement (thank Axel) regards the Autotransfer modes. Older ML Bots try to open with the "partner" even if no cards are needed. This ends up in many "empty" trades and withdraws - and a big loss of time. In the majority of the cases 3 or 4 trades are enough to transfer all the cards, nonetheless the bot continues to request new trades... over and over, until the timeslot is finished.
ML Bot 6.14 stops sending trade requests after 2 empty trades.  ML Bot understands it's over and stops the autotransfers.

(yes, I love the image)

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