Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Doubling Trades Project: Where are we now? |Part2 of 9|

Part 1 The Concept
Part 2 Where are we now?
Part 3 Dedicate your time
Part 4 Be Unique and Proud
Part 5 Let yourself be found
Part 6 Less is more 
Part 7 Show your human side
Part 8 Reward Loyalty
Part 9 Conclusion

Where are we now?
You cannot identify or even set it as a target (doubling trades) if you don't have any means of quantifying your trades and stock value.
Your very first step will be to investigate your past. With a few searches of full months, you will be able to identify how many tix are coming in and out every month, the cheer amount of trades and who are you best regular Customers.
Trade log has countless different ways to filter your results.

I would recommend you to do a search of all trades over 1 Event ticket (no point in taking into account sub tix trades) of each of the last 3 months. This way if there is already a growth every month (lets say for example, 10%) we will not mistake a 10% increase in the future months as something "we caused" with this guide.

Take note of the comparable data and once that is done, calculate the total collection value on the first of every month; remember to add up the event tickets and any exterior sale (or redemption) you've made throughout the previous month and keep this information organized. To calculate the collection value you can either use the MTGO Library's collection log or any other standalone tool (Link).

In two days I will be talking about organizing your working times. See you soon!

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