Friday, November 15, 2013

MTGO Library Bot 6.19

ML Bot 6.19 improves the "Transfer entire collection" autotransfer mode, now 4 times faster. 

We also removed some redundant modes from the dropdown menu,  the ones ending with "you give". These are not necessary and generates confusion. If you have a bot using a "you give" mode, for example "Refill mode (you give)", you can still use it (even if you don't see it in the dropdown menu) or, much better, you can instantiate a "Refill mode (you get)" on the other bot, the "receiver" one.

The update from 6.17 / 6.18 to 6.19 should be very fast, it should take 2-3 seconds. The bot downloads the updates while waiting for trades and just replace the files when necessary


  1. I need the OBRefillYOU to use as a delivery bot! :O

  2. unless we can do "get tix until i have 1" and make sure we have more than 1 still works i guess