Saturday, November 30, 2013

Doubling Trades Project: Less is more |Part6 of 9|

Doubling Trades Project

Part 1 The Concept
Part 2 Where are we now?
Part 3 Dedicate your time
Part 4 Be Unique and Proud
Part 5 Let yourself be found
Part 6 Less is more 
Part 7 Show your human side
Part 8 Reward Loyalty
Part 9 Conclusion

Less is more
The Fastest and easier way to increase the trade volume is improving buying prices and reduce sell prices.This sometimes comes with the risk of placing your bots a bit too exposed of professional traders but it can be worth it if done right!

Instead of spending $100 this month on a google ads campaign or so, allow yourself $100 of loss in MTGO and see the great results that can bring in the long run. Bump all buy prices 5%-10% (depending on how high you buy them) for a week or so, and do announce it! The same goes to sell prices.
Even if you buy a card for 12 Event tickets that is likely worth just about 11.5, if you are lucky enough to buy it from a new player and not a "wikiprice raider", the chances are that you just made a long term Customer that might give you considerable profits in the long run.
The way you can filter these "unwanted" traders can range from removing yourself from wikiprice (which I do not recommend if you are looking into increasing the trade count) up to simply have the bots running on a second screen and supervise every trade as it happens while you are on PC.

Push as far as you can, the heavier traffic might be mostly people enjoying your great prices but when you go back to your "normal" prices, hopefully some of those Customers will come back and pay back your losses.

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