Friday, November 15, 2013

Doubling Trades Project: Dedicate your time |Part3 of 9|

Doubling Trades Project

Part 1 The Concept
Part 2 Where are we now?
Part 3 Dedicate your time
Part 4 Be Unique and Proud
Part 5 Let yourself be found
Part 6 Less is more 
Part 7 Show your human side
Part 8 Reward Loyalty
Part 9 Conclusion

Dedicate your time
When most of us started using MTGO Library bot we though that all automated and easy so we would just have to press "launch" and enjoy the profits, but the reality is a bit far from that.
Sooner or later we did realize that investing personal time into tweaking prices, give customer service and so on is very beneficial to the business. So dedicating time to the bots is a must.

The majority of us work on the bots from home and have to deal with all the same issues that hit all other types of home workers. Here are some tips on how to have efficient uninterrupted work time. 

Set office hours
First try to set aside a time exclusively to work on your bots and for your customers, this can be as low as 1 or 2 hours a day, don't go over the edge and start with more hours than you can commit to spend on your bots.  Remember to give yourself at least 1 day off a week.

The personal battle
Secondly, separate personal life from your bot business. When its time to work, be 100% focused, make notes on what you need doing and how to do it; then do it! When the work is done, then you can watch your favorite tv show, play some computer games or play with your kids! 

The work battle
Separate "home" from "work" time. Set a space in your house just for the botting business, even if its just a corner of a room. When working do not distract yourself with making food, doing home tasks or using social media websites(unless you're promoting your business there). Do not work wearing your pyjamas, this is part of separating work from home in your mind.

Flexibility is your friend
The time you will spend doing all this will have big results on your overall customers happiness, but don't let it be too restricted! Set yourself boundaries and rules; allowances to have a "day off" or how many days you are allowed to adjust the starting time or how long of a break time you should have in between working times; After all this is the advantage of working from home in the first place.

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