Sunday, November 10, 2013

When to sell a Magic online card

Hey! I bought 26 pack rats at 0.05 cents and a couple of weeks back they were suddenly one dollar due to the Mono Black Devotion deck! High score! Right?

I sold most of my Pack Rats. To humans, to avoid the bot rake.

Then Pack Rat Went up to two dollars. I bought some at 1.20, sold them for close to 2. Brought out my playset and listed them at two as well.

Then Pack Rat crashed back down to about one ticket again.

So in the end I sold most of my stock at one dollar when I could have received two tix each for them.

Most speculators, bot owners and MTGO finance buffs know (or at least think they know) when it is time to buy (HINT: Buy Theros in mid-december when the fall set is traditionally at its lowest price during its Standard life cycle). But when is it time to sell? That is a very hard question to answer.

If you never sell, you never make any profit
It is so easy to just sit there and Watch your cards rise in value and wait for just a couple of percent more. But leave the last 10% to the other guy. Get out while you can. Bring home the bacon! If you never sell, you never win.

Some good rules to keep in mind when you are selling cards on Magic Online

# Sell when demand is at its highest. Sell Standard cards in february when the Winter set has just come out and Standard PTQ season is going on. Sell Modern cards in July when the Modern PTQ season is in full swing.

# Do not sell at the bottom. Have patience.

# Set a price where you sell no matter what in advance. If you speculated on a penny rare, maybe you want 10 times the Money when you sell. Then sell at 50 cents, even if the card is still rising. Take the profit! I usually sell when I get 200% profit, except for penny rares. 200% in under a year is my magic number. I am surprised at how often I get that.

# Sell before rotation. Long before rotation. Rotation is what costs people money on Magic Online. Do not be the guy that got rid of Thragtusk for 3 tickets. Be the guy that got rid of Thragtusk for 13 tickets when demand was still high. This is probably the single most important thing you can do for your MTGO budget. Be aware that you are paying a steep price for playing the old block rares and mythics in Standard during the summer. Actually, if you care at all about your Magic budget, be aware that you probably pay a very steep price for playing Standard at all, but that is another story.

Also, Always remember the most important thing!

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