Saturday, November 23, 2013

MTGO Library Bot 6.22

In versions 6.20 ( and 6.21 ( we introduced a new connection mode, more reliable, available just for few selected bots. ML Bot 6.22 extends the new connection to all the bots, resulting in faster downloads/uploads.

We also saw that some bots were unable to connect to the server after some days of activity: this is now fixed (some of you may have received an email saying "Hey, can you please restart the bot? It has a problem with the connection").

Finally, ML Bot 6.21 helps the new users with better "default settings". A newcomer can now just click "Launch" and leave all the settings as they are. In particular, the new defaults download the pricelist every 6 hours, buy cards just from the Standard sets (no foils) and adjust the other settings exactly as I would do if I had to open a new bot with just few tickets.

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