Thursday, November 6, 2014

Control Panel v4 - Dashboard - Bot Manual

The Control Panel is a web-based user interface which offers you a wealth of functions and features for you to monitor, manage and maintain many aspects of your bot(s).

Section A: Top Bar: Quick access buttons to several general details pertaining to your bot.

Download Installer”- This button will begin downloading the latest version of bot software which you would use to install.
Official Price List”- You can download the Official ML Bot price list anytime here. * Note: Fees may apply.
Purchase Credit”- This button will provide you the option to purchase event ticket credits at a discount. These discounted credits are used to pay for the transaction fees accrued by your bots.
Subscribe LITE”- Subscribe LITE page presents to you the cost options we offer with our LITE software.
Subscribe PRO”- Subscribe PRO page presents to you the cost options we offer with our PRO software.

Section B: Login Info:

Dropdown- This option is only available if you have more than one bot (or chain) registered with us. This allows you to quickly switch the control panel user interface from "Bot A" to "Bot B".

Section C: General:

Dashboard” – The dashboard shows you some current data for your bots
Multimonitor” - This is visible only if you have two or more bots registered with ML Bots.
Trades Log” - Enter your search criteria and query trades here. By default this page is populated with all the trades for the current date. Charts and graphs populate to inform you of the overall assessment based on the search you do.
Card Log” - Search the Card Log to analyze at what price your bots have historically bought and sold specific cards.
Transaction Fee” – Various expenses and overhead of your bots are defined here.

Section D: Prices & Collection: This section enables you to change your prices on the fly and query your collection from any web browser.

Personal Price List” – Set and send your own personal prices on the fly with a single action by uploading a file or filling out a form.
Collection” - Browse your collection card-by-card or view your collection history here.

Section E: Credits & Messages: In this section you can view and manage customer credits with your bots.

Credits” - The Credits tab is where you can query and edit your customer's credit with your chain.
Sharing Credits” - Sharing Credits allows you to group multiple bots so that your customers credits can be shared across your chain.
Messages” - You can set how you want your bot to advertise in the MTGO Classifieds and what your bot will say to new and returning customers. From this tab you can send your message changes to your bots simultaneously. Messages which are reflected in the classifieds requires a specific syntax. Also note there could be up to a 30 minute wait before your bots sync with your changes.

Section F: Protection

Blacklist” – Ban customers you don’t want to do business with.
Over Protection Rules” – Create rules to protect you when over-buying and over-selling scenarios apply.
Buy/Sell Consistency” – Create Buy/Sell consistency rules to protect yourself from negative market fluctuations.

Section G: WebShop APIs

WebShop APIs” – This feature is used for those who have an interested in advertising your bots on your own website. Our WebShop API will bring your website to life with your bot’s prices and card data.

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