Monday, November 10, 2014

Control Panel v4 - Buy & Sell Prices - Bot Manual

(This section applies only to PRO bots).
In this section we will cover how to set your price corrections over the official MTGOLibrary Pricelist (CardsMTGO.txt file).

Section A - D
Here you will be able to choose a correction per rarity: Mythic, Rare, Uncommon, and Common; And by commodity: Non- Foil and Foil. Then adjust sections E and F as you please. 

Section E: Correction %  
This will adjust your sell price compared to the cardsmtgo.txt file located in your prices folder. If a card is 1 tix and you chose a 5% adjustment you will now be selling it at 1.05 tixs. You can have a different percent for each price range. Play test with different setting until you feel you have the pricing you desire. 

Section F: Profit Margin 
This is a margin in percentage compared to your adjusted sell price, this will formulate your purchase price. So for example if you are selling a card for 1 tix and your correction percentages is 5% and your margin% is 10%  sell price is 1.05 and your buy price (10% of 1.05) is 0.945.

Section G: Bot selection
When you are finished adjusting you corrections and margins you need to decide which bots you want to apply this pricing to you can do a single bot all your bots or all the bots in a certain chain. 

You can define correction and profit margin numbers independently for each rarity and for each price range. The idea behind different corrections for different price ranges is that you may want to profit 20% on a 1 tix card (giving you 0.20 tix profit) but be happy to profit just 10% on a 10 tix card (giving you 1 tix profit) or even just 5% on cards worth over 50 tix (giving you 2.50+ tix profit per card). 

Any other adjustments or limits, such as Personal Percentages and Price Limits will only be applied on these computed sell and buy prices at the end. This means that if Jace, Vryns Prodigy was computed to be sold at 0.138 tix and bought for 0.110 tix (as shown above) and you have a minimum sell price of 1 tix, the buy price will remain 0.110 (assuming you don't have a buying price limit or it's higher than 0.110)

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