Sunday, November 16, 2014

Hasbro financial condition

Hasbro company is listed on the NASDAQ exchange (National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations). By the end of 14.11.2014, the stock exchange valued shares of HAS at $54.02. As a public company, Hasbro gives quarterly earnings guidance on how they are doing financially and present their strategic direction on many of the core products they own. One of the Hasbro subsidiary is Wizards of the Coast. Therefore, it is worth examining in more detail the effectiveness of the measures they carry out. 

Financial condition:
- All seven franchise brands grew double-digits year-over-year, including Magic the Gathering.
- Basing on report, Magic the Gathering along with Monopoly has the largest impact to Hasbro's revenue. Concluding, MtG is strategic area for Hasbro and they should continue investing in it.
- The revenues and profitability is increasing.
- MtG is growing globally, operating profit in the U.S. and Canada increased 16% in the quarter.
- Hasbro is planning to invest in the digital platform through technology spend.

Magic is doing well and it won't die out, as some players regularly prophesy. Brand keeps on growing and any rules changes or even transmition to v4 didn't slow it down. Future of Magic the Gathering (Online) is bright.

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  1. Out of interest I ran Hasbro through my screen looking for undervalued companies. Hasbro is not undervalued and would have to fall all the way to $18 before I would consider it to be. So the sharemarket as a whole seems positive on the current performance of the company.