Wednesday, November 5, 2014

How to start your bot the right way Part 6

Hi Everyone!

Up to now I have been talking about how to start your bot. Now we're finally to the fun part, actually running your bot.

The first thing that became a shocking realization was the nature of a lot of other traders or bot owners on Magic Online. I found that many people would "shop" for the best price to sell their junk cards. Many times my bot purchased cards from no-longer redeemable sets that that never saw any casual or tournament play. This ended up being a huge problem because while the bot (assuming you purchased a license) automatically updates prices and is accurate so you don't suffer any losses from cards moving up or down in price, it's possible to buy card's you likely will never sell.

I don't need to say it, but as a bot owner, you'll never make any money if you don't sell cards you buy. My advice is avoid buying those cards.

There are two basic precautions to take, you can either set your buy prices low and risk not buying cards that you want because you're buy price is too low, or you can just limit the quantity to buy of the cards you don't want to 1 or zero. Both strategies have advantages and disadvantages. I found that the best way is to limit the quantity of cards your bot buys to be the most effective. It keeps your collection from getting bigger and bigger with nothing but junk cards that you'll never sell. Even at a minimal price, eventually you could end up with hundreds or even thousands of dollars of virtually unsellable cards if you keep buying even for very low prices.

However you decide to proceed, you'll need to decide what approach works best for your overall business strategy. Both methods I recommend are effective and I think one is better while I have friends and associates who think the other is better. It's really just a matter of your strategy and how you plan to run your bot business.

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