Sunday, November 9, 2014

Bot Interface v4 - Collection Tab - Bot Manual

“Collection Tab”

This section of the bot is pretty straight forward, but some variations are used in this tab. In short you should tick the boxes for each set you do wish to buy and their respective rarity and set the quantities.

Section A: “Collections to reach”- This section allows you to check off which sets you would like the bot to purchase.

Section B: “Set details”- This is a section allows you to modify the amount of each  rarity that you would like to purchase for each specific set. 

Section C: “Quick selection”- This section allows you to quickly select the sets and rarity  you will be purchasing, use this feature only if you wish to have each set and each rarity the same. Hint: Use this tool to deselect all set. 

Note: This section sets your buy quantities this can only be overridden by the use of PersonalPrices.txt file.

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