Wednesday, November 19, 2014

That unexciting time that happens right about now

Hi Everyone!

As many of you know, I write about issues regarding the Magic Online economy and financial topics. One thing always strikes me as an interesting phenomenon that a lot less than should be take advantage of.

This phenomenon is the "dead time" on Magic Online. It's not actually dead. It's just the time after a set is released and all the hype dies down (like Khans) and there's not a ton going on that's exciting, save for a few Khans cards making the eternal formats either more accessible, or making certain decks more viable (delver and treasure cruise for example).

I don't know what everyone else does in these times, but I do two things. First, I buy standard legal cards. Khans hype is fading (if not completely gone already) and prices are really low. They aren't the lowest they will get, but still a reasonable time if you're planning on investing a significant amount of cards that will take some time to acquire. I for one am stocking up on Modern staples that didn't experience any glamor the weekend. I'm also stocking up on what I think will be good in future standard (It's completely speculative, but there's no such thing as a sure thing).

The second thing, I always talk about "growing your business". This is the time I look at formats that I'm very lightly, if at all, invested in and cherry pick the best deals. For example, right now it seems like Tarmogoyf is really low priced since the release of Khans. I think there are a variety of things causing this. One cause is obviously delve cards that have a perceived power level of about Ancestral Recall (while the delve cards are good, they're not Ancestral Recall or "Demonic Tutor for 2 cards"). I stocked up on 'goyfs. It's pure opinion, but I think the delve cards from Khans are here to stay, but 'goyf will go back up in price.

Until next time, don't buy any cards I wouldn't!

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