Saturday, November 15, 2014

Bot Interface v4 - Messages Tab - Bot Manual


Here we will explain the Message Tab in full detail, this section is very important to understand as it the base of communication with your customers. 

Example of results inserted above

Section A: The message entered here will only be displayed to first time customers.
Section B: The message entered here will only be displayed to returning customers.
Section C: These three fields are additional space to communicate with your customers. This is a good area to advertise your website, display your email or an specials you might be having.
Section D: This is the last message your customer will see from your bot, make it count. Example of a good message. " Please add us to your buddy list for easy access to your saved credits" Get creative!
Section E: This where choose to pay 2.5% or 3.5% for your renting fee, it will display the message shown in the diagram above if check and will charge 2.5%, if unchecked it will display nothing and charge you 3.5%.
Section F: This is the message that the customers will see on the Magic Online Classified, you can use special characters and price syntaxes to make your classified message stand out. Example:
Refer to the Syntax section below  to see a complete list of these commands and their functions.
Section G: This message is displayed when your bot is in a trade, you can customize a busy message as seen below or use this for more advertisement. Example:
The special character symbols can be found here.

Syntax Section: You can use any combination of the following syntaxes when creating your classified message.

#sell / buy#Display the selling price (or the buying price) and name of a randomly chosen card, when typed together with a slash  (#sell_buy_M) will display like this1.89/1.59
#THS#Setname (3 letters, Uppercase), force replacement in the specified set
#M/R/U/C #
Rarity, force replacement with an item of the specified rarity
#2digits/1digit#Displays the price in 1,2, or 3 decimal places Ex. 1.1,1.10,1.100
#Foil#Will Display a foil card.
#>0.7 / <0.3#Will display a card less than .7 or greater than .3 
#noprice#Will not display the price.
#noname#Will not display the card name.
#shortname#Shortname, display a short version of the name, for example only 'Brimaz'
#Tarmogoyf#  Cardname, replace with the specific cardname (must specify setname)
#PP#PersonalPrices.txt, force replacement with items contained only in PersonalPrices.txt
#CFA#CardsForAdvertisement.txt, force replacement with items contained only in CardsForAdvertisement.txt
This will  remove the  [sV] separator, otherwise each card will print
between each card syntax.

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