Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Pauper Gauntlet voteback

The fourth round of the Pauper Gauntlet is over. Some decks did not make it. Its time for you to decide which decks deserve to come back.

The rules of the Voteback
You each get one vote - vote for the deck you want to come back
You must vote in the comments to this article
You only get one vote so no multi-accounting or anything like that. One vote per person.
You must vote before noon PST on Saturday the 22nd of November

The three (3) decks that get the most votes will reenter the Gauntlet in round 5, just as if they had not been eliminated (even if they lost in round 2),

The returning decks will be published in my article on Sunday the 23rd of November after which round 5 of the Pauper Gauntlet will start.

The decks that have lost
Losers from double elimination (R1+2): Pox, Deathtouch, Dumb Green Tron (3 decks)

Losers from round 3: Icy Hot Hottie, Illusory Tricks, Love Train, AzoriusKitty by ShaffaWaffa5, Mono Black Control,  1-Land-Spy, Allies, CawBlade, Cogs, Dimir Cipher Tricks, GruulKitty, GW Beatdown, Hobo Omelette, Glass Cannon Red, Izzet Splice and Burn, Metalcraft, Midnight Presence, Mono Green Devotion, Mono Red Kuldotha Tron, People of the Sun, Pesky Clerics, RG Madness, Rise of the Legionaire, Rot Wolf Control, Shock the Kitty, Slivers, Thunder Trees, Turbo Fog, UB Creatureless Control, WatchRites, White Hot Hottie (31 decks)

Losers from round 4: UB Trinket Control, Delver, BeastDown, Tron, Izzet Control, Croca Jund, Crypt Songs, Elf Bomb, Hexproof, Golgari Undead Dredge, Infect, Squawks to Plowshares, Squawk Rites, Thallid Bowel Control, UG Madness, Zoo. (16 decks)

All of the above decks are candidates to be voted back into the competition.

Deck lists can be found here:

That means 27 decks remain (I will not list them here because I do not want to confuse you. As three decks come back by this voteback we will play round 5 with 30 decks.

Its time to hear the plea of the 50 decks that want to come back!

1-Land-Spy: You know there is nothing funnier than seeing Dan trying to figure me out!
Allies: We are the allies! We are marching off to war! We can't do that unless we are voted back!
AzoriusKitty by ShaffaWaffa5: You know I deserve to be back. You know I can do better than this! Let the battle of the kittys continue!
BeastDown: You want to watch the beasts smash people again? That game I lost was a joke. How many mulligans was that? 200? Vote me back.
CawBlade: Lets party like we have Jace, the Mind Sculptor!
Cogs: I was made by Brennon, everyone's favorite bearded hippie! Vote me back!
Croca Jund: Jund in every format! You know Crocanura is Goyf! Let me prove it once again!
Crypt Songs: You want to hear those sweet songs of the damned once again, don't you?
Deathtouch: Death is fun!
Delver: I am the #1 deck in the format. I do not deserve this. Vote me back. Maybe Chris Weaver will even let me play Treasure Cruise if you do!
Dimir Cipher Tricks: You want to see Cipher again, don't you? Narrow mechanic, schmarrow mechanic! Vote me back!
Dumb Green Tron: Uh? Me smash!!!
Elf Bomb: Dan will sing "Elves, elves, playing with themselves" if you vote me back.
Flying Dinosaurs: Hey! I would have been voted back last year if we used these rules! Vote me in! What? I am not in the Gauntlet? Lets talk about this!
Glass Cannon Red: I feel I have at least five more turn 2 kills in me.
Golgari Undead Dredge: Zombies and Dredge! Does it get better than that?
GruulKitty: Everyone loves a kitty that is big and violent! Vote me back!
GW Beatdown: My creatures are better than that chaff that the other people are playing! Vote me back!
Hexproof: You know I would have drawn that Armadillo Cloak nine times out of ten in that match! Bring me back so I can prove that I can beat any aggro deck.
Hobo Omelette: If you don't vote me back, I guess I will stand here by my garbage can in the cold, freezing with no home. You can bring me inside again, letting me part of society. I will work so hard. I promise.
Icy Hot Hottie: I was the people's choice in 2013 and I want you to vote me back again! Pretty please?
Illusory Tricks: I am far better than second place and I am far better than this! Vote me back now! Bava will love you!
Infect: I feel kinda sick.
Izzet Control: Its not all about going on cruises and stuff. Sometimes you need to, you know, work hard too
Izzet Splice and Burn: Splice, then burn.
Love Train: If I come back, everyone will feel the loooove
Metalcraft: Deluxe submitted me. Only me. He was forced to submit that green mess. Vote me back!
Midnight Presence: You know Presence of Gond only works in a token deck as a reserve way to win. Vote me back so I can fight it out with Bant Presence, who is always fancy with all his protection and stuff. I have TOKENS! Lots of them! You can have one if you vote me back
Mono Black Control: I am the #1 deck in the format! What the h-l am I doing here? Vote me back now! Or I will resolve Gray Merchant on your mom!
Mono Green Devotion: Hey! Everyone wants to see me gain 12+ life! You want a jphsnake or three in the top ten, don't you?
Mono Red Kuldotha Tron: Dan misplayed me. You will not mistreat me. Vote me back!
People of the Sun: White Weenie Tokens is everywhere and I am that deck. You need me in the Pauper Gauntlet!
Pesky Clerics: People love Pestilence. You will vote me back.
Pink Pants: You know I am the best name for a Pauper deck! What? I don't even exists. Well, that's a bummer.
Pox: Look, I was built by Peyton and he sponsored this competition with TWO FOIL SHOCKLANDS for you guys! Bring me back!

RG Madness: Everyone knows I am the #1 madness deck and that Odyssey block was the best block ever! Vote me back!
Rise of the Legion: Dan can't even spell my name right. I deserve respect. Vote me back!
Rot Wolf Control: I refuse to be voted back. Screw you!
Shock the Kitty: Shock that kitty! Shock it! Watch it dance a merry little dance! SHOCK IT!
Slivers: I give up. Nobody wants me back.
Squawks to Plowshares: You want to see Mono White Control again. And Empyrial Armor! It is known.
SquawkRites: Lets see what I can do. We don't really know that yet, do we?
Thallid Bowl Control: You want to hear Dan pronounce my name once again, don't you?
Thunder Trees: What's that sound? Is the weather turning worse? Is it a horde of wild horses? No, its the THUNDER of the trees!
Tron: Avignon wrote the best Pauper article ever. That is worth something.
Turbo Fog: Died by misplay. That is unfair. Vote me back! I even turned Simic for you guys! I deserve this.
UB Creatureless Control: You know I am like that Caligula deck. You want to see me go at it again. I know you do.
UB Trinket Control: There is nothing that MagicGatheringStrat needs more than another Trinket video. You all know this.
UG Madness. Don't listen to RG Madness. I am the madness deck enabled by Vintage Masters and I am the perfect build by Aught3. We have to see me again!
WatchRites: Dan does not want me back. So vote me back to annoy him! Also, I deserve some jphsnake love.
White Hot Hottie: I am hot. I am white. Am I Tara Reid? No, I am the deck you want to vote back!
Zoo: We bought a zoo.

Basic facts
What is the Pauper Gauntlet?

Full list of the 77 Pauper Gauntlet decks for the second season: 

The above link also contains information about how you can win free prizes (including an Elspeth, Sun's Champion and two foil Shocklands (paper) by watching the pauper Gauntlet

What will happen after the voteback?
77 decks entered the Gauntlet. 27+3 decks remain. Round 5 is single elimination in the Tournament Practice Room. Expect the bloodbath to continue. My estimate is that another 10ish decks will fall in round 5.

How can you follow the Pauper Gauntlet?
The twitter account @MagicGathStrat tweets whenever a video is uploaded to the two YouTube channels that feature the Gauntlet: MagicGatheringStrat and sngprop.


  1. Seems like my comment didn't stick: MBC

  2. Before voting, a question: Will the decks voted back be offered the chance to update their lists? (if they were knocked out before rd 4?)

    1. No, they will not. No more updates.

    2. Trying again, sorry if my comment is posted twice: Thunder Trees for days, please...

  3. Thanks for the votes! Keep them coming! If there is a tie, randomness will decide which decks come back. No more than three will come back

  4. GruulKitty (so still a tie, lets gods of luck decide the winner :P )

  5. Turbo Fog, it deserves its place back should have won.

  6. UB Creatureless Control. Feed off your opponents' tears!

  7. I am voting for Pox myself, because Peyton sponsored the prize to the champion of the winning deck

  8. UB trinket <-- sorry if this double posted.

  9. Croca JUND!!! Beacuse Croca is Goyf for the people!!!!

  10. My vote is for Turbo Fog. Even though I kinda want to see you play 1-land Spy again. : )

    Also, Round 5 for Tortured Existence... Woo!!

  11. UB Creatureless Control! Kill all the things!

    1. Wow, this is getting interesting! Keep those votes coming! Thanks everyone for voting. Two days left!

  12. I hope noon pst is Pacific time not Pakistan or Philippine. =P

    If I counted right 4 decks have 3 votes and 2 have 2 votes. So to make things even more interesting, I'll cast the 3rd vote for turbo fog.

    Note: (even if I miscounted, this vote is still for turbo fog)

  13. The voting is now over. No more votes please. There are indeed four decks with three votes so I will randomly have to select the winners. I will do that in a video before the Standard Pauper Show.

  14. On second thought, we will do it on camera in the show itself. So Tricks, Love Train, Turbo Fog and UB Creatureless Control will have a drawing for three winners on the Standard Pauper Show episode 25