Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Introduction to ML Bot v4 - Bot manual

Introduction to ML Bot

What is MTGO Library Bot?

ML Bot is the most comprehensive, customizable and user friendly Magic the Gathering Online (MTGO) trading Bot program on the market. ML Bot allows you to buy, sell and trade MTGO cards with little to no administration.

ML Bot is a combination Bot, once the program is launched you will be able to choose between either a Lite version of the Bot or a Pro version of the bot. The Lite version will allow you to buy, sell and trade cards based on rarity alone. The Pro version of the Bot will allow you to set your personal prices for each individual card and/or use our official pricelist. Each Bot type will be explained in depth in their respective sections.

This bot manual will provide you with an in depth explanation of ML Bot and all of its features. Please read the manual fully before launching the bot.

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