Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The beginning of the MTGO rollercoaster!

Hi Everyone!
This week is just like the first week of school! There’s some excitement, some anxiety, and a lot of uncertainty. We all worried about our friends, our teachers, the homework…everything. That’s what’s happening right now in MTGO.
The Khans of Tarkir spoiler was released and we all know what Khans holds for us. I always love when we finally get to see all the cards in a new set, but this summer it’s different. This summer it means our beloved Vintage Masters is going the way of the Dodo. In just a few short weeks Khans will release on line and then it’s really over.

Why is this relevant a month before Vintage masters goes away? It is relevant because everyone online realized that this week. Look at any card on any price website. If you do, you’ll see that so many cards have spiked up in value. Look at Council’s Judgment (a card I have been stockpiling since the release of Vintage Masters by the way). This week Council’s Judgment shot up over 200% this week alone! All the constructed playable cards have been spiking in value. If it had any value before Vintage Masters, it’s going up (Power is going up too). The time when cards start to shoot up is the time that makes me excited and nervous at the same time. I always think about when to get out of certain cards and when to buy more.

I think the trick right here is to hold cards until there’s a reason to sell. It’s no secret the price of Vintage Masters cards would increase once Vintage Masters went off sale. The cards not being expected to go up is a reason to sell. I’d wait around until probably early 2015 in February or March and unload the Vintage Masters stuff then unless you’re in it for the long haul. By this time, there will probably be one of two reasons: The price may become stagnant Or Wizards could announce another “Masters” set for next summer (most likely Modern Masters 2, but possibly Legacy Masters, or on a very slim chance Vintage Masters 2 or Masters Edition 5).

I know dozens of people who play seriously and invest casually (they’re doing it backward if you ask me, but to each his (or her) own) and told me they bought Vintage Masters dual lands, or Power to just hang on to, to make a fortune on in a few years. That sounds good and it’s always fun to say, “I own power”, but the hardcore investors should stay out of that kind of investment as it ties up a lot of resources and doesn’t make a lot of percentage when you look at the time vs the profit.

It’s an exciting time. If you haven’t bought all the Vintage Masters you want, you’d better pick them up before they get out of control. I just tell my friends who bought cards for investment purposes the same thing every time the market goes through a shakeup (expected or not expected). I tell them that it’s important to look at the situation and remember what they thought when they got in and stay frosty.

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