Thursday, September 25, 2014

MTGO Library Bot 8.55

Last week we released a major update (link here) preparing the ground for future developments.

Today we release the first "new bot-enabled" feature: the background pricelist reload.
What does it mean? It means that once the bot is running and mtgo is live, the bot can reload the prices in background, without stopping the trades for 1-2 minutes as it used to do. You won't see the loading screen - you will see it only the first time, at launch.
The reloading of the price will send a little message in the tray area.

Please note that price reloading is triggered exactly as before, namely:
  • after pause/unpause, if you changed any of these file: CardsMTGO.txt, PersonalPrices.txt, PersonalPercentages.txt, CardsForAdvertisement,txt, TransferCollection.txt
  • in few minutes if you update any of the above file without stopping the bot (for example via dropbox)
  • in few minutes if you use the "pricelist upload" feature on the Online Control Panel
ML Bot 8.55 fixes also a major problem with wikiprice, causing the bots to display uncorrect information.

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