Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The start of the Pauper Gauntlet

The Pauper Gauntlet has started. So far 29 decks have played. Most of them have won. The first two rounds are double elimination so a deck needs to lose both round 1 and round 2 to get eliminated. After that, it gets more serious.

Basic facts

What is the Pauper Gauntlet?

Full list of the 77 Pauper Gauntlet decks for the second season:

The above link also contains information about how you can win free prizes (including an Elspeth, Sun's Champion and two foil Shocklands).

The weekly show about the Gauntlet
I have joined The Standard Pauper Show as a host for the duration of the Pauper Gauntlet. The second half of the show will be dedicated to the Pauper Gauntlet.

Here is the first episode. I come in at the 45 minute mark.

The existence of this show means that I will report the progress of the Gauntlet on Wednesdays here on mtgolibrary instead of Sundays as originally planned (the show airs on Tuesdays and will soon be on itunes as well if you prefer a podcast version).

Ok, back to the games.

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