Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Bot structure v4 - Bot manual

Lite Bot”- The Lite version of the bot is designed to buy and sell cards in bulk. The Lite bot buys and sells cards for one distinct price for each rarity and booster.
Example - You set the bot to buy rares at .05 each, it will buy each rare for .05 regardless of which card it is.

This type of Bot takes the least amount of administration as the user does not need to follow prices to make a profit. The downside is the user is possibly losing out on some percentage of profit, but this can be outweighed by sheer volume of sales.

Pro Bot” - The Pro version of the Bot is designed for users that have time to follow prices and understanding pricing trends. The Pro bot buys and sells cards at a set price determined in the CardsMTGO.txt file and can be altered to fit your pricing needs using different corrections such as PersonalPrices.txt or PersonalPercentages.txt files.

The advantages to the Pro Bot are a higher percentage markup, more user control over what is sold, and the ability to collect cards that may be needed for a deck. The disadvantages are that it is time consuming and there is a probability of losing money on sales if prices are not tediously monitored.

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