Sunday, July 10, 2016

Drafting principles

A new set is on the way and a drafting madness will happen soon. So. I prepared the basic drafting principles that every player must know.

Be open minded
Simply put, your first pick do not determine the colors you must choose later on. Pick the best card out of every pack even if it is off-color. This rule applies only for a specific amount of time. But, be reasonable. Pack three is rather not a good time to change your mind and deciding on totally new color. Of course, there are always exceptions, but in general it is not. Unless you opened a absolute bomb, like a Pack Rat and you want to splash it.

Know the archetypes
Before starting your first draft, take a good look at the spoilers and memorize as much as possible, including mechanics, combat tricks, the combination of colors and others. Some archetypes are obvious, like UW skies, but would you be able to tell me the best color for a Allies tribe in Battle for Zendikar without having a butcher's at spoiler first? Definately not. There are no more Core sets in Magic, which were very easy to draft. It is a bit more complicated now. If you want to achieve something, spend a minute or two and prepare yourself well before the tournament.

Removal spells are vital in your deck. However, they will not win you a game alone. If the power level of both cards is comparable, in the first stage of draft choose a creature card over a removal.

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