Sunday, July 31, 2016

Two excellent MTG Finance podcasts

If you prefer to keep up with your MTG Finance listening to podcasts, there are two options that stand above the rest.

Brainstorm Brewery

This used to be the #1 MTG Finance podcast but at this point they have been surpassed. The crew is entertaining but they tend to derail and lose focus on the subject. Still, they know what they are talking about and are definitely worth a listen.

You can find Brainstorm Brewery on itunes or here:

Mtggoldfish has been the best hard numbers site for MTG Finance for a very long time and their podcast shows the same devotion to excellency as their web site. This podcast is short, knowledgeable and to the point - exactly what I want from a MTG Finance podcast.

Do you know of any more good MTG Finance podcasts? Please let me know

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