Sunday, July 17, 2016

How to draft Eldritch Moon?

I have divided commons and uncommons from Eldritch Moon set into two groups. First group includes better cards. Second group includes a little bit worse cards, but still playable. If a card doesn't appear here, you should rather not pick it. A few cards are underlined. These cards are in many cases the first pick from the booster pack.

1st group:
White: Choking Restraints, Dawn Gryff; Sigardian Priest; Blessed Alliance; Drogskol Shieldmate.
Blue: Tattered Haunter; Advanced Stitchwing; Fortune's Favor; Geist of the Archives; Nebelgast Herald; Scour the Laboratory; Unsubstantiate.
Black: Murder; Boon of Emrakul; Olivia's Dragoon; Thraben Foulbloods; Haunted Dead.
Red: Incendinary Flow; Savage Alliance; Alchemist's Greeting; Conduit of Storms; Deranged Whelp; Smoldering Warewolf; Weaver of Lightning.
Green: Kessig Prowler; Somberwald Stag; Backwood Survivalists; Ulvenwald Captive; Shrill Howler; Clear Shot.
Artifact: Cultist's Staff; Geist-Fueled Scarecrow; Noose Constrictor.

2nd group:
White: Desperate Sentry; Ironclad Slayer; Courageous Outrider; Extricator of Sin; Faith Unbroken; Geist of the Lonely Vigil; Long Road Hom; Subjugator Angel.
Blue: Drag Under; Enlightened Maniac; Exultant Cultist; Ingenious Skaab; Take Inventory; Wretched Gryff; Drownyard Behemoth.
Black: Borrowed Malevolence; Gavony Unhallowed; Succumb to Temptation; Weirded Vampire; Markov Crusader; Rise from the Grave; Vampire Cutthroat.
Red: Brazen Wolves; Galvanic Bombardment; Stensia Innkeeper; Thermo-Alchemist; Vildin-Pack Outcast; Abandon Reason; Insatiable Gorgers.
Green: It of the Horrid Swarm; Prey Upon; Primal Druid; Swift Spinner; Woodland Patrol;
Artifact; Cryptolith Fragment; Gnarlwood Dryad; Hamlet Captain.

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