Sunday, July 24, 2016

Wizards and hashtags

In order to communicate more clearly to new players of Magic the Gathering, Wizards have made a decision to use the hashtags #wotcstaff and #wizardsemployee in their tweets.

The whole decision is detailed here:

It might seem like a non-decision or something that just eats more of their 140 characters so the big question is if we should care? Will the tags be abused by random twitter users?

The matter gets even more confusing when Wizards says: "they will ensure Wizards is consistent with all laws and regulations applicable to our business media."  I am sure there is more to their new social media policy than just some tags.

My reaction is first and foremost that I am happy that Wizards is thinking about these matters and that the company constantly works on its communication which, at times, may have been wanting. 

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