Sunday, July 3, 2016

Wretched Gryff in Pauper

Of the new mechanics in Eldritch Moon, Emerge caught my Pauper eye.

Here is a brief review of the Eldritch Moon mechanics:

3/4 flyers are big in Pauper and can do a lot of work. We already know that a 2/4 flyer is a dominating card from our experience with Spire Golem. What if we can trade in some card to get this beast out early on. The card disadvantage is voided by getting to draw the card from Wretched Gryff. The card can probably not be hard cast except in Tron decks.

So what cards are we looking to sacrifice into this?

Mulldrifter - that's a lot of cards we get to see and in the end we end up with a 3/4 flyer.
Spire Golem - with 6 islands in play, Wretched Gryff suddenly costs 1 mana to play.

It could probably also do a lot of work in decks that sacrifice its own creatures for advantages, such as the Pauper Gauntlet winning deck Aristocrats (if you somehow remake it into a blue version). Creatures with Persist and Undying look pretty good with this guy.

Act of Treason-like effects could be useful but they have never really seen play in Pauper.

What other interesting interactions do you see for Wretched Gryff in Pauper?

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