Friday, July 8, 2016

MTGO Library Bot 11.24 - update required

Last Wednesday (6th July) Wizards of the Coast updated MTGO and changed a couple of minor internal things. We had to release a bot update (version 11.24) to cope with the changes. Previous bot versions have been disabled and now you cannot use them.

If your bot is experiencing problem, here you are the exact step to follow to restore it:

1. locate the bot folder and erase all the files in the "/log" folder. These are log files the bot created, and probably they filled the whole hard drive. You have to erase them to free some space.
2. empty the Windows Recycle bin to confirm the space
3. download the bot installer from . The current version is 11.24. Any version superior to 11.24 is fine. Do not let the bot update by itself, use the installer.
4. install the bot again. Choose as destination folder the folder of the current bot folder. The installer will overwrite all the bot files but not your settings and your price.
5. the bot is now able to work again and can handle the new version of mtgo!

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