Monday, April 29, 2013

Volunteers Needed for ML Bot Beta testing (mtgo v4)!

Hello Botters,

If you have not heard yet,  Magic Online is featuring a Spotlight for the new Beta client. This means during the spotlight our current client will be disabled and we will only be able to use the new Beta client.
The Beta spotlight starts May 8th at 10am and continues thru May 10th till 10am. 

How does this affect Mtgo Library customers?

Your bots will not work for the duration of the Beta spotlight, but wait before you get upset there is some good news. We are looking for 5 Beta ML Bot testers to help us test during the Beta spotlight, I will get into that a little later. The better news is that we are ready for Beta, so this can hopefully ease your mind on that scenario. 

If I am not selected for the Beta spotlight ML Bot beta testing, what should I do during those two days?

Its been almost 6 months since ML Bot have gone down for more than 2 days, this is a perfect opportunity for Upgrades, machine cleanings, and New machine building. 

Upgrades: Easiest upgrades is memory ram, I suggest you run 2Gb of ram for each bot you are running. If your not sure how much ram you have currently in your computer, you can type dxdiag in your computers search bar (located above the start button once clicked). Open your case and see if you open memory slots, if so I suggest upgrading. 

Machine cleanings: Go to your local store that sells compressed air and buy a can or two. If you have a keyboard to your computer (a lot of mine are remote) take one of your cans and spray it out, also hit it with some lysol. The keyboard is one of the most bacteria infested items in your house. Then take the other can open you case an carefully spray out any dust that may have accumulated. 

Expand: My last expansion of 12 bots took me about two days to fully complete. This would be a perfect time to order your new computer and put it together for your new ML Bots.

Ok back to beta testing, if you are interested in signing up for beta testing ML Bot during May 8th -May 10th, you have to meet a few minimum requirements:

- Bots must operate under your supervision during v4 spotlight
- Bots consistently get 5+ trades / hour
- Are willing to send in feedback to us.

If you meet the above requirements, please send an email to me at with the bot names you would like to enter. If selected you will receive an email back with the instructions in a week.

Happy botting to all!



  1. By when will we need to upgrade to new Margo client and will our current lifetime lic etc stay intact? Looks like I made the best choice a year ago when I picked bot provider!! Keep up the good work! I will be on leave during your beta test to monitor 24/7 but my bots only do 10-30 trades a day so I don't qualify.

  2. Lifetime licenses will stay intact. If interested in the beta, send me and email anyways we still need a few testers.

  3. Thanks everyone for all the email responses and feedback we received, We are all set on Beta testers for the upcoming spotlight.