Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Modern is becoming Legacy for real?

Jace, the Mind SculptorHi Everyone,
There's been a significant amount of speculation that Stoneforge Mystic may get unbanned in Modern. People speculate and discuss what is good and what is too good in Modern.

Everyone knows Legacy is a dying format due to the reserve list. Many staples can't be reprinted and it makes it hard to revitalize a format when they can't even print cards for the format. There are progressively less tournaments and coverage. It's all about Standard and Modern.

There have been numerous discussions about "non reserve list legacy" but that's too impractical to actually have a format like that. You know what is practical? Having a format from a certain time period forward with minimal bannings. Wizards can reprint the type of cards that made the Legacy format great that aren't on the reserved list.

What if Stoneforge unbanning despite it being crazy good is just a step to making Modern into no reserve list Legacy?

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