Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Will Splinter Twin be banned in Modern?

Splinter TwinHi Everyone,
With the discussion of unbanning Stoneforge Mystic all over the place...Even i wrote about got me thinking. Is Stoneforge better than Splinter Twin?

It's a very strong strategy starting as early as turn two and starts attacking with a 4/4 vigilance lifelinker on turn 4. What's Twin up to on turn 4? Winning the game that's what.

I'm sure Stoneforge would be a powerhouse but I don't think it would have an impact against Twin.

I've always been critical of Twin, I think it's the most unfun deck to play because sometimes they topdeck an auto-win, that's not what Magic should be. I also don't know a single banning that hurt Twin or at least was mentioned because it made twin too good. All the Modern cantrips made Storm (barely playable now) too good and WOTC had to do something about it.

What would happen to the format without twin? I think a lot of decks would not have to have solid answers to the turn 3 exarch and turn 4 twin, this could allow for diversity in sideboards.

I dislike twin as a deck, not that it's not good, it just isn't fun to worry about an instant win just isn't fun. Just my opinion, I think it would be fine to ban and shake up the format.

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